About Off The Chain

Investment Fund Targeting Alternative Value Investments in Digital Assets and Blockchain Projects.

Founded as a family office in 2016, Off The Chain Capital successfully invested in digital assets early with the goal of outperforming bitcoin. Off the Chain Capital now expands beyond family and works with qualified purchasers.

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We are driven by a conviction to leave future generations with a more stable economic foundation than what we inherited. Our job is to do well, so our investors can go out into the world and do good.

Blockchain technology is the infrastructure that enables a more ethical, resilient, and transparent financial system. By investing in blockchain-related assets, we are diligently working to help bring Satoshi’s vision to life.

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Investment Philosophy

The fund embraces the value investment philosophies of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, and Charles Munger, which strives to provide downside protection without sacrificing upside growth. This investment approach makes it one that family offices, endowments, foundations and first-time investors in blockchain assets should consider.

Executive Team

Brian Estes
Brian Estes

Chief Investment Officer

Brian Dixon

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Siegel
Tom Siegel

Chief Financial Officer

Investors & Advisors

Olaf Carson-Wee
Olaf Carson-Wee

Founder & CIO,
Polychain Capital

Matthew Roszak
Matthew Roszak

Chairman & Co-Founder,

Perianne Boring

Founder & President,
Chamber of Digital Commerce

Tim Keefe

Dover Asset Management and former Chief Equity Officer at John Hancock Funds

David Bailey

BTC Inc.

Paul Atkins
Paul Atkins

CEO, Patomak Global Partners,
Commissioner, U.S. SEC

Joe DiPasquale
Joe DiPasquale

BitBull Capital

Thomas Hillman

Managing Partner,
Lewis & Clark Partners

Rob Kauffman

Former Founder,
Fortress Investment Group

Sherwin Dowlat