Best Bitcoin Performance has been 12 to 18 Months Following Halvings

Bitcoin Price Source:


Historical Price Trend

Bitcoin Price Source: Data as of  5/13/24.

Metcalfe’s Law

Source: Fundstrat, Data as of  5/13/24.


Source: Data as of 5/1/24.

Stock-to-Flow Measured in Gold

Bitcoin Power Law

Source: BTC_POWER_LAW / PlanG, Model Equation: Y=10-17*X5.83 Bitcoin Price Source: BTC Power Law is a theory on Bitcoin behavior which intends to prove that Bitcoin’s regularities show that it behaves more like a physical system than an asset. See “The Bitcoin Power Law Theory,” Giovanni┬áSantostasi, Medium, March 20, 2024.┬áThe correlation presented in this chart is designed to illustrate the Power Law Theory model. It is not intended to illustrate performance. Past performance or correlations are not indicative of future performance or results. Data as of 5/12/24.

Ranked Asset Returns

Source:, Off the Chain Capital. Data as of 5/13/24. *Performance of assets since the end of 2023. **How many times greater Bitcoin has performed than the second best performing asset class.